Headline Of The Day: British Politics Edition


London Mayor Boris Johnson looks and acts like a toon but he’s a master politician. Bozza, as he’s known, is skilled at appearing culturally cool whilst pandering expertly to the Euro-sceptic Tory right. The right wing media love him, other politicians not so much. Boris and Prime Minister Cameron are longtime frenemies. Bozza’s announcement that he plans to return to the House of Commons is a shot across the Cameroonian bow. The Posh Boy is pretending to be pleased by this Johnsonian u-turn. But Johnson is setting himself up to run for the Tory party leadership if they lose the next election. End of contextual paragraph.

The headline of the day is a doozy. It comes from a story by the Guardian’s brilliant veteran pundit Michael White:

Boris Johnson: attention-seeking rascal seeks career change in silly season

Now that I’ve re-read White’s piece, this post is a two-fer, he also wrote the paragraph of the day:

But is he serious? Is he really clever Jeeves, not silly Bertie Wooster of public image? Or is he a sinister Roderick Spode, potential leader of the Blackshorts, our own priapic Berlusconi? We don’t yet know, and probably nor does Boris the Sleepwalker, who makes things up as he goes along. But the learning curve won’t be dull.

I love a good Wodehousian reference. Toodle pip.