Album Cover Art Wednesday: Thrust

Thrust was the follow-up album to Herbie Hancock's wildly successful jazz-funk-fusion opus Head Hunters. It was almost as successful artistically and commerically. The cover art by Rob Springett *always* makes me smile. What's not to love about Herbie and his large 'fro in a space ship?


Here's the back cover. Dig those 1974 threads, y'all:

Thrust back cover

Here's the whole damn LP, be prepared to get your funk on, Headhunters style:


One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Thrust

  1. the thrust cover you have here is actually the second version! the first version that appeared had the same artwork but a very different (and much cooler) font’lettering that was perfect for that era. seek out the first version – worth the effort!

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