If you have to say, “I’m just saying…” you probably said something you shouldn’t have and you need to shut up because you’re just making it worse

Stephen A. Smith isn’t saying he supports assholes who beat up women. He’s just saying that there’s probably another side to this whole issue. Like, y’know, the bitch burned the roast…

 Of course when people came out against his idiocy, Stephen A. Smith had to announce that Stephen A. Smith is  “ANNOYED” because Stephen A. Smith has said “repeatedly” that Stephen A. Smith doesn’t support people who beat the shit out of women.

He’s just saying that we need to look at both sides here and not just assume that she didn’t have it coming. Stephen A. Smith just really wants us to look into something before we just fly off the handle. Or, just how he handled an Onion article about him having “the sex argument” with his 9-year-old kid...

The only real reason to watch Stephen A. Smith and his partner, Skip Bayless, do “First Take,” is if you want to join a concussion study and you don’t have time to repeatedly bash your head into a wall. Thus, taking what these idiots say worth really digging into and retorting is worth as much breath as arguing with your racist uncle at Thanksgiving. Still, when you have a public persona, you need to be aware of the stupid shit that’s going to come out of your mouth and stop it before it does.

Case in point, the only man on earth who is probably happy that Stephen A. Smith stepped up on the domestic violence issue, TONY DUNGY, EVERYBODY!

“I wouldn’t have taken him,’’ said former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy, now an analyst for NBC. “Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.

“It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen.’’

Dungy was at Shithole's Ground Zero for these comments until Smith out-dumbed him. Of course, Dungy is still in the running for least-aware NFL commentary, thanks to his follow-up statement.

Again, Dungy wasn’t saying that Michael Sam shouldn’t have the right to play in the league. He was just saying that he wouldn’t draft him because having a gay guy out there was likely too much of a distraction, much in the way having Jackie Robinson out there in Brooklyn should have never happened. He’s just saying that it’s rough when you’re the only one of your kind in a league because normal people aren’t comfortable with you, it’s something to consider when picking a seventh-rounder. He’s also just saying that he doesn’t have anything against Michael Sam, just “those people” in general and that his support of anti-gay marriage groups and legislation isn’t any sort of indictment of anything.

I have told people for years that the first rule of holes is that when you find yourself in one, you need to stop digging. Unfortunately, the people who serve as talking heads on all these shows seem to fail to understand this concept. Even more, I think that in a lot of cases, that sense of “People want to know what I have to say” has morphed into “I am infallible and my statements will all be taken clearly as true and right.”

Both Dungy and Stephen A. Smith (patent pending) are wading into that odd area that’s a lot like when a white guy says something stupid about race and then starts off with the “but I have a black friend” defense. Ask Dungy about the Tampa Two defense or how Peyton Manning kept guys guessing at the line, he’s aces. Ask Stephen A. Smith to talk about himself, he’s golden. However, social issues have never been within their social graces.

However, these guys feel like they’re paid to give opinions, regardless of how smart they actually are on an issue. Even more, they managed to delude themselves into thinking that they ARE smart enough to talk at length on these issues and that the rest of us idiots should just hear what they have to say (or better yet what they meant) and shut up about it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here and it only gets worse when you keep talking.

In 2007 Hank Aaron refused to get involved in the whole “Barry Bonds is going to break your record, but he grew four helmet sizes while pursuing the record and if it were any more clear that he was on steroids, he’d have to be shooting up at the press conference” thing.  The comment he gave at the time was one that people griped about and laughed at, but it’s one we should translate into Latin and stencil on the doors about Dungy’s office, Stephen A. Smith’s house and ESPN studios:

"I don't have any advice whatsoever, no advice to anybody," Aaron said.

4 thoughts on “If you have to say, “I’m just saying…” you probably said something you shouldn’t have and you need to shut up because you’re just making it worse

  1. Skip Bayless managed to distinguish himself in sports commentary assholery in a city that at the time included in its sports commentary asshole contingent JAY MARIOTTI. And then Bayless flounced out of here like he didn’t even WANT to go to prom with us anyway, and who did we think we were?
    In conclusion, fuck Skip Bayless.

  2. Athenae — sideways with a rusty chainsaw on Bayless.
    Y’all ain’t seen Malaka. Check out the comments on the Texas Tech Raiderpower forums about Bethel vs. Battle.
    I hadda quit readin’ em.

  3. If there’s ever been a time in his life when Hank Aaron wasn’t a class act, I’ve never heard of it.

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