Friday Guest Catblogging: Kittens

Some close friends of mine have adopted kittens in the last month so I thought I'd feature them in all their kittenish glory.

Meet Ripley whose humans are my friends Wendy and Dan. Not sure if she came out of Dan's chest but she *is* sitting on his hand:


Now it's time to meet Chicory who has joined the unwieldy menagerie of my friends and fellow Spanksters, Brett and David. He's deballed and ready to rumble:


2 thoughts on “Friday Guest Catblogging: Kittens

  1. Ripley has a couple more weeks to go see the vet for her shots and weigh in towards her spay appointment to be scheduled. 🙂 She’s silly and able to play independently, but will come over and ‘check on us’ for a bit, then go about her important kitty bidness. 🙂

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