One thought on “Friday Catblogging: Who The Hell Is That Other Cat?

  1. Funny — some cats never even seem to notice their reflections. Others … well, we once had a Blue Burmese named Bathsheba who was the personification of dignity and self-possession — until the first time in her seven years of life that she walked in front of a mirror. She stood bolt upright on her hind legs with this S-curve in her spine so that her head was back and she was staring down her nose at the interloper, forelegs hanging straight down like arms, as if she couldn’t BELIEVE we’d have been no declasse’ as to allow another cat into the house. Then, you could see her figuring out what was going on, and she very slowly resumed her normal posture and walked away like nothing had happened. That was 1989, and I dearly wish I’d had the means to get it on video.

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