One thought on “Sunday Morning Video: An Evening With Robin Willaims

  1. Thanks for this.

    Rush Limbaugh tried to convice his audience that it was the liberal media that was going ghoul to “explain” RW’s death. As usual, Rush was wrong. The liberal media–which is First Draft, among others–has spent most of its time doing what you’ve done here: helping us remember how funny (and gracious and kind) Robin Williams was. It’s Rush Limbaugh and his ilk who have been doing the dime-store psychoanalysis that adds nothing to our knowledge of who Robin Williams really was. If somebody wants to talk about depression, then fine. As long as they don’t talk about Robin Williams’s depression because they don’t know jack shit about it.

    I will never tire of watching these routines (although they’re a bit more poignant now). The man was fucking funny.

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