Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Morning folks.

Tommy’s working out some WordPress issues as we speak, so to start your day off with a bit of WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK, here’s how the weekend went down on TV:

First of all, convicted criminal Bernie Kerik should not be allowed to opine about anything other than the type of fabric softener used on orange jumpsuits, and second, why in the Christ are we concerned about what a murder suspect is going through?

Welcome to your liberal American media.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

  1. That would be Kerik as in ethical violations and laying the groundwork for an overreaching NYPD with its litany of abuses ?

    And I don’t know anything about Wilson. But I do know that in the pro-Wilson rally it is reported that the folks there were yakking it up about the animals, etc. Somehow it doesn’t make me think his side is loosing much sleep over the shooting.

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