blogger ethics panel: ferguson edition

CNN, you need to take a goddamn nap: 

The problem with “Josie’s” story, however, is that it closely resembles a Facebook post supposedly written by Darren Wilson, telling his side of the story. A CNN producer eventuallydebunked the post as fake.

With no scheduled press conferences with Ferguson police on Monday, and Wilson himself having gone AWOL, national media turned back to Loesch’s interview. To litigate Brown’s shooting in the court of public opinion, national outlets like CNN have started using “Josie’s” story to represent Wilson’s point of view.

“Source w/detailed knowledge of investigation into shooting tells CNN account of caller to KTFK matches account of Officer Darren Wilson,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper tweeted on Monday.

According to CNN host Don Lemon, “a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation … says that the account of a caller to St. Louis radio station KTFK matches the account of officer Darren Wilson as to what happened at the time of the shooting.”

So, ironically, CNN is now taking as fact an account that is essentially the same story it already debunked.

Yeah. Let’s take Dana “urinating on corpses is awesome” Loesch at her word here. Let’s listen to everything that woman puts on the air. Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. Once upon a time I remember when our most pressing issue was controlling those unruly bloggers who spread false information “like wildfire on the Internet.”

Maybe we should have concentrated on the 24-Hour News Network Ethics Panel instead.


2 thoughts on “blogger ethics panel: ferguson edition

  1. The comments section of the Breitbart link to the hoax explanation is a real cesspool of racism, paranoia and general hatred and rage. I wish we had Tommy T and his moonsuit to wade through this stuff. Are the Koch brothers paying people to post this crap? Yeesh. If these are regular people then I’m even more appalled that I usually am.

    Where the hell is Tommy anyway? Let him in!

  2. Aaaargh, his problem is with WordPress and they’re trying to get it worked out. If not, I will start agitating on Twitter for the cause because you just know the Freepi experience of the past week will have been choice.


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