The Biden Defense?

Hint: it has nothing to do with aviator shades, commuter trains, Robert Bork, or Neil Kinnock:

A prosecutor said he plans to dismiss a firearms charge against the Washington state man who said he just “did what Joe Biden told me to do” when he fired a shotgun to scare off what he thought were car burglars, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik said that Jeffrey C. Barton will instead face a charge of obstructing a police officer. A trial for Barton is scheduled for October.

Barton has acknowledged that he fired the gun in July 2013 to deter three men he thought were breaking into cars in Vancouver, Wash. His unorthodox defense came from the vice president’s comments on firearms during a 2013 town hall, when Biden told a questioner that he’d advised his wife, Jill, to “fire two blasts outside” from a double-barrel shotgun if she sensed any trouble at the family home.

I hope he didn’t hit any birds when he shot into the air; at least I hope that’s where he fired.

Notice that the guy still faces other charges. I don’t think Joey the Shark ever advised interfering with the police.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term shark week. Yeah, I know, it’s over but it’s always snark week here at First Draft.

That is all.

One thought on “The Biden Defense?

  1. At a glance the guy sounds reasonable, but I linked over and am wondering what happened to the three would-be perpetrators…assuming they were there to begin with, and were actually trying to steal car(s)…as opposed to being either a figment of the guy’s imagination, or (my guess) kids out partying, making noise, maybe trying to vandalize…which, I’ll admit,, would piss me off if happening to me, but to the point of firing off shotgun rounds, even if only into the air?

    We’ve got too many Rambo wanna-bees already, Joe’s advice notwithstanding.

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