Sex, pudge and rocky roads ahead

Sorry for Adrastos and the fact his state got the bad rap this week on the DOMA front. Looks like Wisconsin might be turning the corner on “acting right” when it comes to marriage equality. Apparently, the “better fed than dead” crowd is somehow ahead of the “show us your tits” groupings when it comes to marriages. Go figure.

The bigger news, both literally and figuratively, that the state of Wisconsin should pay attention to is today’s report that almost 30 percent of the citizens here are obese. This is a far greater risk, a more wide-spread (pun unintended) problem and a more controllable issue than who gets to marry. According to the study’s data, at least two states went above the 35 percent barrier and no state has less than 21 percent of its citizenry who fit the obese standard.

Say what you will about the BMI calculations, the obsession with body image and other similar things that all make sense, but we’re not talking about the difference between normal and a pound overweight. We’re talking about obesity, which is linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, breathing problems and other health risks. And we’re not talking about a few people with biological predispositions toward weight gain or the people who lack the ambulatory necessities to keep off excess poundage.

In our BEST state, one out of every five people is beyond fat. In our worst states, it’s more than one out of three. Here where I live, in a land in which food is viewed as the only way to get through the winter sanely and the used to celebrate the six minutes of summer we get, it’s 3 out of 10. And we really don’t seem to care. Meanwhile, when a far smaller sliver (both figurative and literal) of our population wants to make a lifelong commitment of another person, so many people get up in arms about it.

In the court’s decision on marriage equality, the justices noted that this law had a ton of holes in it, ranging from using “they can’t have kids” to the “it was always this way” arguments to prohibit same-sex marriage. Add those reasons to the kinds of shit people say aloud but couldn’t put into a court document like, “I don’t want to think about what they do in their bedrooms” and “It’s just unnatural” and you really have Swiss Cheese logic.

I’m trying to conceptualize how people would react if we went after obesity in the same way some people are going after this marriage issue: “You’re too fucking fat to come close to fertilizing an egg.” “I don’t want to think about what it looks like when fat people fuck.” “It’s unnatural; You’d never have been able to survive if you had to catch your own food.” “Had it not been for the invention of the Lark 7 scooter, the McDonald’s drive through and cotton stretch pants, Darwinism would have weeded your kind out by now.”

If you think “fat-shaming” is bad when we photoshop three pounds off of Jennifer Lawrence’s cover photos, imagine how people would react to this kind of shit. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people who felt the compunction to stick their noses into the bedrooms of other people would be outraged when someone’s sticking a nose in their kitchen.


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