Variation on a classic theme

The idiocy in Mississippi continues with McDaniel supporters insisting that he, and they, are not racists. Their defense is a classic: some of my best friends are "them people." McDaniel's hometown paper is insisting that he cannot be a racist because he played basketball:

It’s been frustrating to see so many people in the black community be convinced that Chris McDaniel was a racist just because someone they trusted told them he was. If they did a little research on their own, they would find out that McDaniel was a basketball standout at South Jones and Jones County Junior College.

Them people are obviously too trusting of what Marse Thad done told them. It's perversely amusing to see that Mississippi is stuck in the 1980's when it comes to race relations. It's good enough to call "them people" blacks instead of negroes, nigras, or that other N word that they think only Klansmen and rappers use.

There may be no atheists in fox holes as the old saw goes, but there are plenty of bigots in basketball; especially at the high school and Jaycee level. I say that as a self-confessed hoops fanatic who is also a white guy living in the Deep South so I've heard it all. The good news is that one hears it less and less, except, that is, when our next door neighbors have a close election. Btw, the Laurel Leader-Call also deplored the so-called bloc vote:

It’s insulting to the election process and to their intelligence that black people are still letting their votes be “delivered” in blocs to certain candidates. One would think that the terms “bought and sold” would make them cringe. But that’s just what they allowed themselves to do — all to keep wealthy, powerful white men in power. It’s ironic. The more free our society is, the more enslaved it becomes.​

Gotta love those "sensitive non-racist" Magnolia Staters, particularly when they throw in a gratuitous slavery reference. There's a brand spanking new lost cause in Mississippi: the McDaniel campaign. I cannot wait until the next imbecility committed in its name.

2 thoughts on “Variation on a classic theme

  1. So, Clint McDaniel is the new black…
    More seriously, I find it…interesting…that the very people who tend towards descriptives like enslaved, bought and sold, or plantation mentality are most eager to put people…on actual plantations like Parchman or Angola.

  2. Compared to the race where the losing candidate is claiming his opponent isn’t really a biological human being (I’m thinking this may even be the same race), the “some of my best friends are black” from the lips of a Mississippi candidate is relatively believable.

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