Blindsided by the Light

Things I learned from the epic Governor Fat Fat Fuck presser and pity party:

He’s not a bully.

He’s sad over being betrayed and lied to by a Bridget Too Far Kelly.

He claims to work out.

He was blindsided by the lying liars on his staff.

The presser inspired all sorts of song title twists: Born to Run On, Borne to be Wildstein and, of course, the title of this post.

I’m exhausted by all the second hand hot air that I inhaled so I’m closing now.My twitter feed was humming so if you’re feeling masochistic check it out.

I’ll give the Boss the last word:

6 thoughts on “Blindsided by the Light

  1. He may get away with it so long as what passes for journalist do not look at his long history of punishing enemies and rewarding friends.

  2. I am intrigued that the far right echo chamber (Faux, Limbaugh, Beck, …) instantly sidetracked the story into a meme that Christie was taking immediate and decisive action, which is what Obama should do.
    At the same time they never lost a beat to consider that if Christie wasn’t involved then he hadn’t had time to find out exactly what happened. So the firing of a staffer was a knee jerk reaction and strictly throwing out a scapegoat. This at the same time that the ports authority guy was taking the 5th.
    Plus, they didn’t seem to worry that perhaps Christie’s confrontational style gave his underlings the green light without him actually having to say so. (kind of like “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?”).
    Oh well, at least the choice for the next Malaka article should be an easy choice.

  3. “2 hours to say he KNOWS NOSSING!?”
    No, that’s just a few seconds. The two hours is the beat the crap out of anyone that calls him a bully.
    I hear that the Mayor and citizens of Fort Lee have “graciously accepted” Christies apology. They better, if they know what’s good for them.

  4. On Dec. 12, the Wall Street Journal reported that Christie had asked Andrew Cuomo to try to get the Port Authority to go slow on the lane-closure investigation. The day after that request, the Journal said, Christie’s top appointee to the Port Authority resigned.
    Why, in light of Christie’s insistence yesterday that he hadn’t known anything until the emails came out, did reporters not ask him to square these facts? Because I don’t think they CAN be squared, and as soon as the media get around to figuring that out, Christie is toast.
    And why, apparently, have no reporters attempted to contact that appointee for information? I won’t say all our media suck — Doc Maddow and The (Bergen, N.J.) Record have ridden this story like a beast across the plains of Mongolia — but, c’mon, folks, do reporters not assemble timelines anymore, assess possible cause and effect, beat the bushes for people known to be likely to have relevant information?

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