The Giants Win The Pennant

You know I’m over the moon if I allow exclamation points to appear in one of my posts. Travis Ishikawa is no Bobby Thomson, but we’ll take it. Here’s the immortal 1951 call from Russ Hodges:

One thought on “The Giants Win The Pennant

  1. Just in time to get knocked off by the mighty, mighty Royals.

    Anyway, a couple of historic notes about this. First, my understanding is that the Russ Hodges call was actually recorded by a Dodgers fan who wanted to give it to his friend, a Giants fan, so his friend could re-live the Dodgers’ victory over and over. In a class move, though, he still gave the recording to his friend when the game didn’t quite pan out the way he wanted it to.

    Second, as you watch near the end of the clip, you’ll see the players headed off the field by walking out toward center field. The locker rooms at the Polo Grounds were not behind the dugouts like they are nowadays. This anomaly was what caused the infamous “Merkle Boner” of 1908, when the Giants’ Fred Merkle ran off the field before touching second base on a walk-off base hit in a game against the Cubs. There’s a pretty good account here:

    Bring on the Giants!

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