Malaka Of The Week: Blackface Ray Rice Costume Dude

We’ve had this discussion many times before here at First Draft: SOME THINGS ARE NOT FUNNY. Not everyone gets it and that’s why Blackface Ray Rice Costume Dude is malaka of the week. I don’t even know where this bozo and his family lives but they’re a perfect storm of malakatude. I stumbled on these images on the Twitter feed of Bomani Jones:

Now that you’re gobsmacked and horrified, the freak parade continues after the break. American Horror Story ain’t got nothin’ on these folks.

This couple violates two rules of satire, neither blackface nor domestic violence is funny. It’s also contrary to notions of human decency. The scary thing is that this was put out there by their son who thought it was hilarious. One of our regular readers had this admonition for me:

You might be asking yourself why I made Daddy Dumbass malaka of the week instead of both of them. It’s funnier, that’s why, something that would be lost on them.

I considered doing some research to find out where these imbecilies live but decided against it. I don’t want anybody burning, uh, what do you burn outside a racist malaka’s house? Beats the hell outta me. But it’s a line I knew I didn’t want to cross. My guess is somewhere in the Balmer area, which means they could have accents like Kathy Bates in AHS: Freak Show, hon.

Domestic violence is NEVER funny and the only time a white dude can get away with blackface is if they ride in the Zulu parade. Why? It’s a predominantly African-American krewe and the black members do it too. It’s still very controversial and one of the reasons Zulu nearly died in the Sixties.

I’m glad that Bomani got screen captures of this explosion of seasonal malakatude by this family of Halloweenies. It’s yet another reminder that we don’t live in a color blind society. And that is why Blackface Ray Rice Costume Dude is malaka of the week.

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