Quote Of The Day: Tricky Dick Edition

I'm always thrilled when the politician I love to hate is back in the news with a new set of tape transcripts. The latest group are online and one excerpt makes me think of a certain potty mouthed publisher:

Nixon: I mean, you've got to stop at a certain point. Why is it that the girls don't swear? Because a man, when he swears, people can't tolerate a girl who is a—

Haldeman: Girls do swear.

Nixon: Huh?

Haldeman: They do now.

Nixon: Oh, they do now? But, nevertheless, it removes something from them. They don't even realize it. A man drunk, and a man who swears, people will tolerate and say that's a sign of masculinity or some other damn thing. We all do it. We all swear. But you show me a girl that swears and I'll show you an awful unattractive person. . . . I mean, all femininity is gone. And none of the smart girls do swear, incidentally.

Athenae, come on down. Fuck yeah. Smart girls don't swear and big girls don't cry:


4 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Tricky Dick Edition

  1. I love people with unreasonable standards for attractiveness in women. It’s great shorthand for “don’t waste your fucking time with me”.

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