Red Stick Creepfest

That’s my name for it, they called it the Republican Unity Rally. It was held in support of the Cassidybot Senate campaign and among the speakers were Bitter Vitter, Colonel Mayonnaise, Gov PBJ, and an outside agitator, Senator Aqua Buddha. Here are a few tweets featuring this rogue’s gallery of malakatude:

It’s a sign of how confident the Cassidybot camp is that they let the wildly unpopular PBJ share the stage with their dull candidate. I still have a scintilla of hope that Landrieu can pull it out but the DSCC has withdrawn its financial support. Mary is on her own. She’s going to go down fighting but the vast majority of national money will be flowing in the opposite direction.

We’re still suffering through a barrage of negative ads but the ratio has shifted in the Goper’s direction including this genuinely reprehensible one from the NRSC:

Wow, Mary and the President “took away our second amendment rights?” Who knew? And they “destroyed our health care system” by insuring more people? How fucking dare they. Bastards. I guess that’s why the President is a criminal and Senator Landrieu is his accomplice.

All sarcasm aside, this ad calls a United States Senator and the President of the United States criminals. I realize that the GOP has become a fact free zone, and its members are cuckoo for cocoa puffs on the subject of Barack Obama, but this is despicable even for them. The sad thing is that it’s working and Landrieu’s best argument for re-election, her clout as a committee chair, is gone with the fucking wind.

Lord knows that Mary Landrieu has her flaws, but she delivered big time for Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and the Federal Flood. Additionally,  she’s NOT a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch Brothers and, even worse, David Vitter:

Cassidy, in turn, continues his one-note chorus of “Obama, Obama, Obama” and appears poised to run another “virtual” campaign (a term coined, ironically, by uber-conservative Rush Limbaugh, who backed tea party fave Rob Maness in the Nov. 4 primary). Cassidy did agree to one debate — after early voting closes — but otherwise he remains unapproachable to media and regular folk.

Given the mood of the Louisiana electorate and the results on Nov. 4 (not to mention his less-than-inspiring debate performances), one can hardly blame Cassidy for running a virtual campaign. If the air game works, why risk a fumble on the ground?

There is one interesting side note to Cassidy’s virtual candidacy: In some ways it’s a lab experiment for his chief behind-the-scenes supporter and strategist, David Vitter. Vitter would love to be able to campaign for governor without actually having to encounter voters (and media) who might bring up his past moral failings.

Cassidy’s race for Senate presents Vitter with a risk-free opportunity to test the efficacy of an all-media statewide campaign. If it works for Cassidy this year, maybe it also will work for Vitter next year — particularly if he winds up in a runoff against a Democrat like, say, Mitch Landrieu, who earlier this year won re-election as New Orleans’ mayor with an endorsement from … Barack Obama. Recall that Vitter ran for re-election in 2010 by ignoring his actual opponent (U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon) and running instead against a virtual foe: Obama.

There you have it sports fans: Cassidybot is a lab rat for Diaper Dave. How’s that for a  depressing ending to this post? Thanks, Clancy.

Instead, I’ll give the Kinks the last word with this tune about surviving a botched suicide attempt, Life Goes On.

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  1. Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling under the weather — I’m reacting to rampant wingnuttery just up the street.

    OK, maybe not…but glad I was busy Monday…

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