Thank GOD for this… Paterno can now rest easy…

I know we were all really worried about poor Joe Paterno and how his legacy would be tarnished by not being the “winningest” coach in NCAA D-I history.

I realize that this was the big issue: What happens to those 100+ wins he picked up while letting Jerry Sandusky fondle young boys in the locker room showers.

I understand how big of a deal it is to hold onto that record, especially one so important that when Bobby Bowden picked it up by default, he proclaimed immediately, “There’s no way we can rejoice in that…”

I mean, we can’t exactly “unmolest” people, so what’s done is done and… geez… Haven’t Penn State fans suffered enough?

Hell, the statute of Joe Paterno has been missing on campus for ALMOST THREE YEARS! There are FRESHMEN who might graduate only having seen it once or twice!

(Don’t worry. Concerned alumni are planning to put a giant bronze statue downtown of Paterno reading “Aeneid” while sitting on a bench. The cost is estimated to be $300,000.)

And it’s not like these proud Nittany Lions don’t understand the problems associated with letting an assistant coach fuck at least 45 boys who were participating in his at-risk-youth charity.

Or that they don’t acknowledge how important it is to make things right for people like Matt Sandusky, Jerry’s adopted son, who stated he had been molested repeatedly.

It’s just, as one said, “about time” to move on with things. After all, how can the healing between the university and the greater area really get moving until we get a giant-ass statue stationed SOMEWHERE around here and get a dead guy his wins back?

Had Paterno been blind to the situation as his trademark Coke-bottle glasses would suggest, that might be one thing, but it was clear he had more than an inkling that something was rotten in Happy Valley.

Paterno not only knew about what Sandusky was doing, but concealed it from administrators and officials.

Not only that, but he went to BAT FOR SANDUSKY WITH THE UNIVERSITY.

This situation has always been “contentious” to quote those hoping to make it sound like a “he said/she said… let’s just call it even” argument.

It’s not. It’s a complete horror story.

And one that can’t be fixed with a “let bygones be bygones” approach.

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  1. As is practically always the case, stay out of the comments to any stories linked in this post. The level of downright nasty denial is enough to make Sister Theresa want to drink gin straight out of the cat’s dish (h/t Anne Lamott).

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