The Adrastos Wayback Machine Is Online

It’s going to be a long, slow process because uploading the blog-city files collectively  has proven to be almost impossible but there’s enough meat on the virtual bone at the site to post this link, Adrastos: Welcome To The Wayback Machine.

I’ve opted for the greatest hits approach and have focused on the period between 12/2005 and 5/2006 to begin with. That covers post-K tales as well as the 2006 municipal election, which was by far and away the most interesting one since I’ve lived in New Orleans.

There’s an introductory post pinned to the top of the blog. I still have no clue as to why my commas went missing; maybe they’re pro-Nagin and disapproved of my mocking the then Mayor.

Here are links to a few of my favorite political posts; some of which are quite personal since Dr. A and I helped organize three candidate forums:

The Gang Of 19 covering a primary debate between the Mayoral candidates.

The Gang Of 19 ActTwo. See above.

Forum Follies: The Quentin Brown Experience. This is the first of two posts about forums in our Council district.

 Forum Follies: The Tussle At Touro. This is the one we helped put on. It was better and almost as funny.

Forum Follies: Ashe Cultural Arts Edition. This was a forum we helped put on. It featured one of the great headcases of NOLA politics, Jackie Clarkson. We also meet then Picayune political columnist, Stephanie Grace now of the Advocate.

Forum Follies:  Mitch & C Ray Live At Loyola. We were mere attendees at the televised debate but there are some good jokes therein.

Finally, two posts written in the aftermath of the former Mayor’s defeat of the current Mayor:

Storyville 2006/1990 Repeat.

Mayoral Post-Mortem: The First Cut Is The Deepest.

That’s it for now. I’ll be slapping a link up on the blogroll after this post goes live.