4 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for My Local Paper

  1. Hee hee hee. I clicked thru to discover that you are mocking a friend of mine, “Hat” Hammond. He’s actually a good guy and a good food writer. He writes frequently for LTHforum about local food. I encourage you to join up with us for some eating event [there’s an entire events thread on the forum] and you and I can sit in the corner talking about politics [away from the handful of libertarians] and enjoying some good local food.

  2. Has it become sentient? Because I’ve seen The Stuff, and I don’t like where this is headed.

  3. A lot of Mid-eastern recipes call for thickening yogurt by wrapping it in a cheesecloth and hanging it over the sink. Who knew the end product had a name, Greek yogurt. Now you can buy yogurt pre-Greeked, and I’m not going to get into an argument about whether it was the Greeks that invented this, as it was probably invented a gazillion years ago.

    Is Greek yogurt ready for food journalism? Sure, why not. Is there a place for food journalism? Sure, it’s a sign we’re a still bit past subsistence agriculture. Is food journalism real journalism? Sure, they take payola to publish and promote profitable trends, just like non-food journalists. Granted, the guys pushing Greek yogurt aren’t in the same league as the guys at Freshfruitportal.com or Onion World, but it’s still useful news.

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