Reporters Whinging Because Nobody Will Give Them Things

Oh, grow the fuck up, you whiny-ass titty babies: 

So Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post — whose mission in life is to explain to us how things really work in politics — is rolling along in his “Hillary Clinton is shamefully avoiding the press” column when he cries out to us:

Do you not think it is of value to know how Hillary Clinton spent her time since leaving the State Department? And how the Clinton Foundation handled its business with various donors who would, undoubtedly, still be in the picture if she was elected president? Or what she thinks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the fight currently happening in Congress? Or Iran? Or the Middle East?

You get the idea. The role of the media in this process is to show voters who these people are, really, and to explain how these people would govern the country if elected. Like the media or not, that’s a very important role — and one that is essential to a functioning democracy. (My italics.)

The role of the media in this process? What on earth are you talking about, Chris?

You’re supposed to be our super-savvy guide to the way things are in the power game that isnational politics. You are the least sentimental creature to walk that system’s halls… remember? No one can out-realism you! You’re Mister “let me tell you how it really works.” That’s your whole franchise. And yet here you are, bawling about “the role of the media” as if it had some sort of guaranteed status within what reporters (mindlessly) call the process.

Ugh. Whenever I hear somebody bitching about a lack of access all I can think is WORK HARDER.


5 thoughts on “Reporters Whinging Because Nobody Will Give Them Things

  1. Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to sink any lower. Actually, thanks, Chris Cillizza: you’re walking, living proof that the Washington Post’s political coverage is dogshit, and can be ignored for the most part.

  2. So now the media are all important and stuff, Mr. Cillizza? You’re not supposed to just be copying down what someone says and you’re supposed to be providing some context and analysis? Well, that will be a refreshing change from what you’ve been doing the last 35 years or so. Why don’t you practice by asking Jeb! what the hell he’s been rambling on about with his various incoherent answers to the Iraq war question?

    I have to second Adrastos: WORK HARDER, you soft-handed leech.

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