Tweet Of The Day: Duggar Days Edition

The aroma of schadenfreude hangs heavy in the air after the Josh Duggar revelations. The only thing more satisfying than the exposure of this sanctimonious hypocrite would be seeing his predatory ass behind bars. That looks unlikely, but the scandal has damaged the Family Research Council and TLC. Who wants to sponsor the We Protect Pedophiles Hour, after all?

That brings us to the Tweet of the day. It’s rare that someone who calls themselves the fake anything on the Tweeter Tube is the real deal. Dan Savage is the exception to that rule. This Tweet is what the kids in the 1920’s called the cat’s meow:

I support Dan’s campaign to bring duggary into the language. It also sounds a bit like the Australian musical instrument, didgeridoo. That’s quite appropriate since paterfamilias Jim Bob Duggar is as well known for his windy pronouncements as for his enormous brood. Nobody will listen to him in the future. In short, he’s duggared and all he can do is play his duggarydoo.

7 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Duggar Days Edition

  1. Nice, especially now when “santorum” is having a return engagement.

  2. The temptation to make merry over the fall of the house of Duggar is well-nigh irresistible. I can’t help thinking, though, that Josh Duggar’s behavior from a decade ago was not some lone wolf anomaly in this household.

    Now that some of the revolting details have been made public, isn’t the State of Arkansas even the least bit curious to do a little follow-up. It’s a cliché, but in this instance warranted: Won’t someone think of the (other) children?

    1. Even worse, they’re *related* to the perp!

      I strongly suggest that they cut off all relations, change their names, and move to a different state/country.

      Gotta fit “duggery” and “buggery” into a limerick, I think. Skull-duggery? Oooh, extra nasty.

  3. That’s so nice of you, suggesting that the victims take on more burdens so you can enjoy your joke. Rape culture isn’t just for conservatives, kids.

    Those victims are still stuck in a family where they’re being blamed, and are likely unsafe, and the most my “progressive” kin want to do is make fun of their name. Way to go. I’m seeing way too many of my supposedly progressive allies disappearing the victims and their concerns only slightly less than the perps, the family, and the Huckabees, et. al., of the world. I thought we were supposed to be better.

    For the record, I was an adult the first time I was raped, but I didn’t get a whole lot of help, either. I had to claw my way back to okay, but “okay” is never the same. Shame on you guys. I expected better.

    1. I feel the same way, gidgetcommando. To have people take your last name and make a joke of your rape out of it is horrendous. I know the rush to find glee in this story is hard to resist, but we all need to remember that the victims are still there and like you have said they are probably be blamed right now for ruining their family.

  4. “Duggar”: transitive verb and gerund for “to commit incest with” as in “The filthy duggar duggared his sisters.”

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