Pulp Fiction Thursday: Nightstand Books

It’s sleaze time here at First Draft. Nightstand Books wasn’t in business all that long but they ground out a shitload of potboilers. The titles frequently included the words sin and lust, and the tag lines were spicy and suggestive. Interestingly enough, the noted sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison was briefly one of Nightstand’s editors and even wrote this book under the pseudonym of Paul Merchant:

465 Paul Merchant (Harlan Ellison) Sex Gang Nightstand 1959

More tawdry book covers after the break.

I have no idea if any well known writers were behind the rest of this rubbish but ya never know:



Finally, a book with the sleaziest title of all:



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  1. I have a series of posts (but not scholarly like this) on Bedside Reading. You picked some doozies.



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