Album Cover Art Wednesday: A Winter Romance

The crowd sourcing for this feature continues with this album suggested by New Orleans music writer Alex Rawls. Why? Because the cover features snow bunnies and Alex likes to say snow bunnies.

This 1959 release is more of a seasonal album than a Christmas record as it’s not restricted to holiday chestnuts; even those not roasting on an open fire. Once again, it was selected because Alex likes to say snow bunnies. Who doesn’t?

Dino Winter Cover

It’s back cover time:

Dino Winter Back

More snow bunnies. While you’re hopping down the snow bunny trail, check out Alex Rawls’ swell site, My Spilt Milk.

Finally, here are some tracks via the YouTube playlist format. Pour yourself some whiskey, put a log on the fire, and listen to Dino croon: