Taking a shot at an unclear incident

A recent shootout in my hometown area has me confused over the way I’m supposed to view things. Given the large number of shootings that have happened over time, it’s clear that we need some important information before we’re allowed to react to it.

The guts of the story is that on Wednesday, a shootout took place in Milwaukee among about four cars along Interstate 43. Only one person was injured, according to news reports, as the people involved engaged in gunplay. At least a dozen shots were fired in the incident and the interstate was closed for several hours, news reports said. Four people are now in custody and police aren’t sure if they have everyone involved.

Obviously, this is concerning to people in that area of the city and even to those of us who still know people out there. Gunfire among cars is scary as hell, no doubt.

However, the report hasn’t fully filled me in on everything I need in order to make sense of this.

For starters, they never tell me if these people involved are black or white. I mean, how am I supposed to properly express myself if I don’t know that? This could easily be a situation of thug gang-bangers who are heaping terror upon my hometown without any sense for the value of life. Or, it might be just a case of some law-abiding citizens engaging in their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It’s so unclear how I should feel right now without that crucial information.

I also don’t know what started this or who finished it. For example, this might be one of those cases of what happens when a bad guy with a gun gets stopped by a good guy with a gun. If that’s the case, we need to make sure we’re clear about that in the news reports. After all, more guns are needed to keep us all safe. However, if this was a case of a bunch of thugs, well, see Issue One.

It also might have been a situation involving terrorists. Who knows? One (or all) of these people might have been an Islamic extremist, bent on taking down our way of life. Then again, maybe one of those people involved was a good guy who stopped three extremists, or three good guys taking out one bad guy or a 2-2 split. We then need to get Fox News out here to help us figure out exactly how much terrorism was stopped here and why didn’t the police react more quickly? And who let these people into the country? Why didn’t we have an early warning for this? After all, Milwaukee is about 90 miles from Chicago, Chicago is where Obama is from, Obama is a Kenyan Muslim and well… Dammit… Where is O’Reilly to help me finish this thing?

OK, maybe it’s not terrorism. Maybe it’s just a case of road rage. If that’s the case, I need to know that’s the reason why four cars now have bullet holes in them. That way, we can really start raging against the idea of mental illness and how that’s something we need to fix here and now. It’s unclear if that might be what’s happening here and thus it’s unfair to me as a reader. I can’t figure out if that’s what I’m supposed to be blaming for this shooting. Seriously, someone has to help me out here.

Thugs? Peace Keepers? Muslims? Freedom Fighters? Terrorists? Whackos? WHERE IS THIS CRUCIAL INFORMATION?

I mean, without it, we might have to talk about guns.

One thought on “Taking a shot at an unclear incident

  1. Shame on you. This was a shooting! Don’t you know you’re not allowed to talk about gun violence in the wake of a shooting? That’s politicizing the shooting. You have to wait for a day when no one is wounded or killed by a gun, and then, and only then can you talk about gun violence.


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