Friday Guest Catblogging: The Further Misadventures Of Milo

It’s time for my friend Stephanie’s cat Milo to play a return engagement here at First Draft. Milo is a feline of many names, his cat guardian calls him the Troublemaker. I think of him as Milo: the Feline King of Old Metry. Whatever you call him, he’s always up to something.

Stephanie has a knack for capturing Milo at his most mischievous. I’m envious. Oscar and Della have become increasingly uncooperative subjects over the years but they’ll be back next week.

One more thing. In addition to taking the pictures, Stephanie wrote the clever captions. I think the world needs a book about the Misadventures of Milo.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Cat-mas.
“About those stomach pains you’ve been having, Mr. Penguin …”

A Santa Penguin? Who knew? I’ll stick to the Boogie Woogie Santa Claus:

2 thoughts on “Friday Guest Catblogging: The Further Misadventures Of Milo

  1. When I’m ready to go to Happy Hunting Grounds, it will be by way of OD’ing on cat pics/videos. It will be peaceful and I will have a Big smile on my face! More Please! Thank You & all that post such!!!

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