Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Original Soundtrack

Posting the 10cc documentary on Sunday got me thinking about the four albums recorded by 10cc’s original four members, Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, Graham Gouldman, and Eric Stewart. The Original Soundtrack was their third album and my personal favorite. What’s not to love about a record that loudly proclaims that Life is a Minestrone and saves you a seat for the Second Sitting Of The Last Supper?

The album title caused some confusion in the denser quarters of musicdom in 1975. It *was* Original but it was not a Soundtrack. So it goes.


The big hit on the LP was I’m Not In Love with its wall of vocal sound and quirky, ironic lyrics. It’s a pity that such a landmark song had such a pedestrian 45 cover:


Here’s a gatefold eye view of the front and back covers

10cc original_hi

Finally, the whole glorious album for your listening pleasure:

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  1. Lol is his nickname, Creme is his real last name. A nice Jewish boy from Manchester, birthplace of many great British bands.

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