Happy Leap Day

Leap Day William

When I was a younger smart ass, I had a running joke about wishing I’d been born during a leap year. Who wouldn’t want to be able to claim to be 3/4th younger than they actually are? Unfortunately, it led to people saying that was my emotional age, so I eventually dropped the shtick. With a thud.

The twisted minds behind the great NBC sitcom, 30 Rock, created a Leap Day myth in 2012; complete with a goofy holiday character, Leap Day William. I wish I had costumed as Leap Day William for Mardi Gras. The gag won’t work again until 2016.

Happy Leap Day from all of us here at First Draft. It’s time for the Leap Day song. Hit it, William:

I noticed that Jack Donaghy said both Merry and Happy Leap Day. Holy confusing salutations, Batman. I’ll stick to happy.