Malaka Of The Week: Robert Morrow

Rudeness and boorishness are in thanks to the Insult Comedian. There’s someone in Texas who’s taking crudeness to a whole new level. And that is why Robert Morrow is malaka of the week.

Morrow is the recently elected GOP party chairman in Travis County, Texas. He’s nominally a Cruz supporter but his political role models appear to be Trump and Larry Flynt. The former because of his Twitter obsession, the latter because he’s a porn mogul into sexposes. That’s right: Morrow is preternaturally fond of sexual insults and slurs. Here are a some samples of his fratty handiwork:

Finally, here’s an oldie but baddie from 2014:

As you can see, Malaka Morrow is a bipartisan asshole just as fond of making shit up about members of his own party as about Democrats. He’s also fond of posting naked ladies with big boobs in his attempt to transform the GOP from the party of “family values” to the party of fratty values. I wonder what Tony Perkins thinks of all this?

You may have noticed that Morrow worked with infamous Republican ratfucker Roger Stone on his latest tawdry tome. No surprise there. Stone is also into pornographic imagery and conspiracy theories. I’m not sure if he’s as obsessed with jizz and money shots as Morrow. I skipped posting those tweets because this is a family blog; at least it is compared to the puerile porn on Morrow’s Twitter feed.

It’s 2016 and the Republican party in Austin, Texas is now led by someone who thinks Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and George W. Bush are gay and that Hillary Clinton is a “raging bull-dyke.” I thought insults like these were restricted to freepers, klansmen, and locker room cretins nowadays. I was wrong.

There’s a move from to oust Malaka Morrow from his post before he makes Austin even weirder. I have no idea if it has a chance. His likely response: “Blow me. Merica. Freedom. You’re a fag.” And that is why Robert Morrow is malaka of the week.




One thought on “Malaka Of The Week: Robert Morrow

  1. Dammit! Republican candidates just have the worst luck, don’t they? All those white supremacists in evidence at Donald Trump’s appearances, and now Sen. Cruz being backed by this repellent person. I wonder if the popular media will be pinning these candidates down and insisting that they repudiate the support they’re getting from such fringe lunatics? (Spoiler alert: Not a chance)

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