Quote Of The Day: Hungry Like The Wolffe Edition

Don’t worry America, I’m not planning to play that old Duran Duran hit at the end of this post. Chalk the title up to my fatal inability to resist a pun. I would hope y’all are used to that by now.

The Wolffe is question is Richard and he wrote a pretty damn good column last week for the Guardian comparing the probable party nominees:

We are now barreling towards a general election between a former secretary of state and a former judge of Celebrity Apprentice.

In the blue corner, a candidate who started her career at the Children’s Defense Fund. In the red corner, a candidate whose legal defense fund is fighting claims of a fake university.

One candidate dotes on her granddaughter. The other says he would date his daughter.

One watched the Osama bin Laden raid unfold in the White House situation room. The other has watched Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room on CNN.

It’s time for political realism to meet reality TV.

It scares me that anyone could learn anything from Wolf Blitzer. Sure, he has a great name and all that, but the man is a ninny. Just ask Alex Trebek…

The wackiness of this campaign is likely to continue in the general election. The chances of the #NeverTrump people succeeding are slim and none and slim is under the bed hiding from Corey Lewandowski.

I may have promised to NOT post a tune from Simon LeBonbon’s band but X is another story altogether:

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  1. Although I don’t hear DD’s” Hungry Like a Wolf” anymore, when I do, it immediately reminds me of Farrah Fawcett”s (The Most Beautiful Woman in the World,btw) TV movie “Small Sacrifices”.
    No relevance, just one of those earworms.

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