I Still Hate Exit Polls

I’m on the record as hating exit polls. They’re often right, but when they get it wrong,  it bugs the living shit out of me. Last night CNN breathlessly informed the world that the Noo Yawk Democratic primary was going to be a squeaker:


Later on, CNN made like hurricane forecasters and “adjusted” the exit poll to make it comport with reality and the internal numbers of the thing. This, in turn, fed the rampant paranoia of Dudebro Nation and increased the inane chatter about voter suppression and plots by da man. Why anyone thinks a closed party primary is the same thing as voter suppression beats the hell outta me but they do. This exchange between the fierce Amanda Marcotte and the funny Rude Pundit sums it up perfectly:


The Fierce and the Funny sounds like something either Herman Wouk or Irving Stone would have ground out back in the day. I might add another F word to the mix since Amanda and Rudy are both Fabulous. Uh oh, I sound like Kimmy Schmidt and I usually don’t do perky, especially not in the morning.

Back to the point of this post, such as it is, I’m not here to condemn horse race coverage. I don’t care for it BUT it’s how the MSM has covered Presidential elections my entire life, even the sainted Walter Cronkite. Repeat after me: there were no good old days. But here’s the rub, if you’re covering the campaign like a sporting event, get it right, play it straight, and don’t cook the books. CNN gave the impression that they were trying to gin up drama for a night that featured blow-outs on both sides. It could just have been a graphics mistake but it smelled like shrimp in a post-Katrina freezer. Yeah, *that* bad.

Just another tweet before I go:

I even like Dave’s typo since CNN has been having the longest existential crisis in media history. It’s what happens when you make a moron with a cool name the face of your network. Time for me to exist, I mean exit.


3 thoughts on “I Still Hate Exit Polls

  1. Exit polls are Satan’s own minions. I first learnt to hate them in 1980. We were on our way to vote when they told us Reagan had won.

    FUCK that shit. You discourage voters. You lie to people. You make a Bush V Gore decision possible, all because of $#@!%^&* exit polls. That whole concept needs to be nuked from orbit.

  2. CNN demands a contest, and they will have a contest, no matter the numbers. A 16 point win is the same as a squeaker. See? Easy peasy.

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