Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

If you’re not reading my smart friend Emma you’re not really experiencing this election: 

Now, with Mr. Trump having clinched the Republican nomination, down-ballot candidates are finding the task of distancing themselves from their presidential nominee much easier said than done. On what seems to be an hourly basis, Mr. Trump churns out politically incorrect invective that has the dual effect of firing up his supporters and offending women, Latinos, Muslims and, as Mr. Trump has called them in the past, “the blacks.”

So Republicans in moderate states will be forced, over the next five months, to show that they are not the same as their party’s presidential nominee, while at the same time latching on to the anti-Washington sentiment that Mr. Trump has built his political success on. They may be incumbents, their argument goes, but they are the real outsiders in their races. They’re outsiders that use their place in Congress to get things done within the parameters of power. You know, an outsider’s type of insider.

This is the dance that happens every year, the “insider” who pretends to Fight The Man, and very few people ever say hey, buddy, if you’re so anti-Man why are you scarfing The Man’s cocktail weenies all year long? It’s a cliché, that Republicans are running for the chance to govern on an anti-government ticket, but until fairly recently only filthy hippies actually called them on it.

Maybe the only nice thing about Trump’s candidacy is that he’s exposing the frauds in the party he now leads. He makes all kinds of sense shit-talking his own kind, pointing out that he’s bought and sold them all ten times over, laughing at them as they squirm. That exposure, natch, is not worth even one of the people who’ll be deported if Trump becomes president, so holding these senators’ and congressmen’s feet to the fire on the topic of their nominee is essential if we don’t want the country to go the way of the GOP.