Sunday Morning Video: Muhammad Ali, R.I.P.

Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson.

2016 is a tough year to be a cultural icon. There’s no bigger American icon than Muhammad Ali who died late Friday night the age of 74 after a long illness. Ali was a great athlete with a rapier wit and the courage of a lion where it really counted: outside the ring. He was a hero to many of us, not because of his pugilistic prowess, but for his bold stance against racism and the Vietnam War.

In tribute to the Champ, here are a few Ali-related videos. We begin with a feature-length HBO documentary about his heated rivalry with Joe Frazier:

Next up is a 1996 60 Minutes profile by the late, great Ed Bradley:

Speaking of cultural icons, here’s Ali with Johnny Carson:

Ali on his opposition to the Vietnam War:

Finally, Ali’s electrifying surprise appearance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics:

The Greatest has left the building. R.I.P.