Pulp Fiction Thursday: Beat It On Down The Line

I’ve got the beat generation on my mind today. I’m not sure why: it beats the hell outta me. This week’s PFT features two book covers; one from a genuine Beat hero and the other from an exploitative hack. And I say that in the nicest sense of the term or is that terms? Sometimes I even confuse myself with the word play.

Without further adieu, I give you this week’s covers:


The Beat Generation was based on an exploitation film produced by-you guessed it-the dude who “wrote” the book. My money is on a ghost writer since he didn’t write the screenplay:


That’s right, Louis Armstrong is in the movie. It makes it *almost* worth seeing. It’s clip time, Daddy-O:

The post title was just an excuse to post the Dead song of that title:

Yeah, I know. It was written by Jesse Fuller but the Dead took ownership of it almost 50 years ago:

Now it’s time for me to beat it.