Quote Of The Day: Lyin’ Donald Edition

Since the Insult Comedian finds it impossible to NOT  be the center of attention for even a nano-second, he called into Bill-O’s show during *his* convention. The two men shared a few yuks and more than a few lies. Trump took credit for the Trumpvention being in Cleveland when he had nothing to do with it. But this was his biggest whopper:

“Well, I’m probably the least racist person there is. I’m doing very well with the African community, African-American community.”

Cue graphic:


One whole percent? I’m surprised it’s that high after his recent racist comments. Thanks to Lamar White for the screen shot.

Btw, what is it with Trump and Z-List celebrities? Scott Baio was a fifth banana on Happy Days who’s barely a celeb any more. I’m not sure even the Fonz would recognize Chachi at this point. I would hope that the Fonz would tell the Insult Comedian to sit on it.

Speaking of the Donald’s favorite African Amercian, Don King is in Cleveland. His conviction for stomping someone to death disqualified him from speaking at the Trumpvention but he’s there to show off his bad hair. Here’s an old shot of old friends:

“Here’s my African American.”

Isn’t that all warm and fuzzy? The flags held by the crooked fight promoter make me want to take a dive into one of James Brown’s last hit singles: