The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Trump/Clinton

There are people who think that Donald Trump is running as a stalking horse for Hillary Clinton. It’s one of many ludicrous conspiracy theories floating around. I don’t buy it: if the Insult Comedian were a patsy for the Clintons, he wouldn’t be as savage in his criticism. He’s not going to win but he’s inflicting some damage along the way. The good news is that the public tends to like Hillary when she’s working even if they’re not crazy about her when she’s running for office. She’s much better at the former whereas the thought of Trump as the Oval One would gag a maggot; another arcane phrase I’m trying to revive.

Let’s move on to the pictures. The first one comes from a 1997 Trump book that Tony Schwartz declined to ghostwrite, The Art of the Comeback. It was when HRC was FLOTUS:


The second picture was taken at Trump’s 2005 wedding to the plagiarist:


The Insult Comedian looks like he’s ready to run off and brag that a former President was at his nuptials. They’d be most unlikely conspirators. Besides, many right-wing conspiracy buffs think that the Clintons have inconvenient people murdered to get them out of the way. Anthony Weiner’s continued existence on this mortal coil is proof positive that they do not.

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