Governor Weed Whiffs Again


I’ve spent most of the campaign mocking the Insult Comedian so it’s a relief to have a new target:

It was, in Gary Johnson’s own words, another “Aleppo moment.”

During a town hall-style interview on MSNBC on Wednesday night, Mr. Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, was asked by the host Chris Matthews to name his favorite foreign leader.

Mr. Johnson, appearing flustered, was at a loss to come up with a name.

He grasped at a former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, who has been critical of Donald J. Trump, but was unable to remember his name without help — or the name of any sitting leader of a foreign country.

“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment,” he said.


Mr. Matthews, who was interviewing Mr. Johnson and former Gov. William F. Weld of Massachusetts, his running mate, live at the University of New Hampshire, appeared to stall to give Mr. Johnson more time after the candidate repeated the initial question, looking slightly panicked.

“Any one of the continents, any country, name one foreign leader that you respect and look up to, anybody,” Mr. Matthews said.

Mr. Johnson exhaled loudly.

“Mine was Shimon Peres,” Mr. Weld interjected.

Mr. Matthews clarified that he was looking for someone who was still alive. He then named various countries and continents — Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia — in an apparent attempt to jog Mr. Johnson’s memory.

Mr. Johnson then made the “Aleppo moment” comment, indicating that he was having trouble coming up with Mr. Fox’s name.

“But I’m giving you the whole world!” Mr. Matthews shouted, interrupting him.

Here’s the deal: Tweety wasn’t asking a gotcha question like, say, who is the President of Kazakhstan. (No, it’s not Borat.) It was a hanging curveball right over the plate and Governor Weed whiffed again. Among current office holders, I’d say Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. I know better than to say “the former President of Mexico” because several of them live in exile and are suspected of treating the public’s money like it was the Trump Foundation their own personal piggy bank. Weld threw out the name of the only former President who still lives in Mexico, Vicente Fox. Party on, Bill.

Gary Johnson is like a pothead Rick Perry. Of course, if Perry were a stoner he’d probably drink bong juice so Governor Weed is a tad smarter than him. I guess Tweety should have asked him weed related questions such as:

What do you eat to satisfy the munchies? Savory or sweet?

Do you smoke or do you prefer edible marijuana? Brownies or gummies?

I wrote last week about Johnson’s views on non-weed issues: they’re nuttier than pot brownies with walnuts. He’s also informed us that he’s not worried about climate change because the sun will destroy the earth some day. Now that’s taking the long view, man.

Remember all the talk about the candidate you’d like to have a beer with? Gary Johnson may be the candidate people would like to smoke a joint with but that’s a pathetic reason to vote for him. The mere idea harshes my buzz, man.

Gary Johnson seems like a nice guy. I’d never even consider calling him what I called Jill Stein: the Crunchy Granola Machiavelli. Sounds like something he’d munch on after a few bowls. Voting for him is a waste of time unless you’re an Ayn Rand groupie. He’s another in a long string of weirdos nominated by the Libertarian party including Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and everyone’s favorite man-of-the-people David Koch who was Ed Clark’s running mate in 1980.

Speaking of Vice Presidential nominees, I wonder if it’s too late to put Bill Weld on the top of the ticket? He’s actually qualified, and even knows there are other countries out there. Wow, man.

Rachel Maddow entitled her segment about Governor Weed’s latest howler, World Leaders Pretend, which, in turn gave me an earworm. I’ll let R.E.M. have the last word without Lawrence O’Donnell:




3 thoughts on “Governor Weed Whiffs Again

  1. I see no reason to blame “weed” for Gov Johnson’s ignorance on foreign nations and politics. (He says he no longer does it, and come on, Obama used to be a pot smoker.)

    1. I call him Governor Weed because it’s catchy and his appeal to former Berners rests on that issue. And let’s face it, he’s spacey.

  2. The one thing that depresses me about Gov. Johnson’s demonstrable idiocy is it might cause some number of disaffected Republican voters to decide to vote for the Insult Comedian after all.

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