Tweet Of The Day: David Duke Hearts Julian Assange

I couldn’t figure out how to use an emoji in the post title so I used the word “hearts” to describe David Duke’s man crush on Julian Assange. Dukkke even trades virtual mash notes with Assange’s henchmen:

There’s another meme-y love note from the erstwhile Gret Ster Fuhrer to his white savior:

Since we’re on the subject of Assange, there’s a fabulous piece at the Daily Beast by one of his former senior aides, James Ball. It turns out that Assange wanted to loot the organization’s treasury to fund his legal defense. Holy messiah complex, Batman.

4 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: David Duke Hearts Julian Assange

  1. I knew something was awry with Assange when the releases began hectoring the Clinton campaign. It looked like blackmail – I think he wanted some sort of pardon/protection from Obama or he’d see the Democrats lose. Pretty hard to be Batman when you’re rootin’ for the freaking Penguin to win!

  2. Isn’t HrC living out the natl socialist dreams by doing the bidding of Goldman, “pay to play” schemes? My friend, you should really research her. You will find her embroiled in legal battles her whole political career. To me, this reveals that she has a character willing to skirt the edges of the cliffs of legality or lawlessness. What do you think?

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