Easy Comey, Easy Go

Bloggers Note: This post was written Sunday afternoon  before the FBI started leaking like a post-Katrina  roof without a blue tarp and the anti-Comey backlash intensified. It’s too tightly written to be changed. Besides, my mind is numbed by that 3 1/2+ hour World Series game. We return to our previously scheduled programming, Easy Comey, Easy Go:

I think you know who I’m talking about, bumbling and spineless FBI director, James Comey. Comey’s intervention in the Presidential election is only a big deal if we allow it to be. It’s not a bombshell, it’s yet another nothing burger or a bun without a hot dog.

The story that emerges is of the cluelessness, cowardice, and incompetence of the head Feeb. I’ve heard pundits describe this as an “unprecedented” political interference by a FBI Director. What planet do they live on? Obviously one where history is neither taught nor studied. James Comey is a piker compared to J. Edgar Hoover. The difference is that Hoover was a devious bastard and hid his involvement in politics. No fingerprints = no blame. Comey is like a large dog who takes a shit in front of company. He’s established that he’s either too stupid or too naive to be an effective FBI director. He also loves publicity almost as much as the Insult Comedian who says:  “dis is woise dan Watta-gate.” Gimme a break, asswipe.

It appears that Comey has violated a bunch of Justice Department procedures and perhaps even the Hatch Act. Comey’s sole concern seems to be his own reputation. That means he’s not only too stupid to be FBI director, he’s too arrogant and self-absorbed. He knew full-well that Jason Chaffetz would release the letter. I wonder when Chaffetz was first informed: he re-endorsed Trump the day before the shit hit the fan. He wouldn’t let Trump near his daughter but wants him to be President. Malakatude, thy name is Chaffetz.

As you can see, I’m mad about the Comey letter too BUT it’s time for the Clinton campaign to train its fire on a big fat target with bad hair: Donald Trump. There are a series of scandals with his “brand” all over them. The rest of the campaign should be about Hillary’s positive closing message and Trump’s staggering unfitness to serve as Oval One. It should not be about James Comey who first came to national prominence by being appointed Deputy Attorney General by John Ashcroft who lost his 2000 Senate race  to a dead guy. I was hoping to work that in: it’s one of my favorite political fun facts.

I think Hillary Clinton is going to win the election regardless of this so-called “bombshell.” Something like 1/3 of the vote has already been cast and Trump spent Sunday stumping in states he’s going to lose. It’s unlikely that anyone will change their vote because of this hot dogless, mustard-free empty bun of a non-scandal. Besides, who’s going to change their mind based on the Comey cave and vote for a rapey Insult Comedian who will put the nation in a pickle?I don’t relish the thought.

I do, however, relish posting this tune by the late, great Merle Haggard:

Hot diggity dog, that song title gave me a bubblegummy earworm:

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