This Too Will Pass

I originally planned to use this song to close out the Sitting Political Shiva post. Then, I paid closer attention and realized how relevant these thirteen year old lyrics are to the post-2016 electoral landscape or is that wasteland? It could be either.

Rodney Crowell is one of our best songwriters and This Too Shall Pass contains some of his finest lyrics:

When the winds of change hit hard and knock you off your guard
And you find out there’s a serpent in the grass
Though forked tongues might speak if truth is what you seek
This too will pass

When you’re all tied up in knots and your friends are taking shots
And the sun comes up and kicks you in the ass
When your stumbling down the aisle and you feel like you’re on trial
This too will pass

Sometimes you’ve gotta go down the middle of the road
Where compromise puts speed bumps in your path
If you know what you won’t let no one say you don’t
This too will pass

Sometimes you gotta crawl through the middle of it all
But don’t compromise your heart for something crass
When everything you do just feels like nothing new
This too will pass

When your all locked up in shame be careful who you blame
This too will pass

Goodnight George

The George in question is Harrison who died on the day Rodney recorded this song:

2 thoughts on “This Too Will Pass

  1. Nope. I am not able to accept that quasi-hopeful message. Everyone that I love is suddenly at risk. Real, immediate, actual peril of their security, their sense of belonging, of their lives. The loss of the opportunity to appoint moderates to the SCOTUS essentially guarantees that my child will lose his right to marry who he loves. Repeal of the ACA will cost my in-laws the medications that keep their blood pressure just within the slightly elevated mark.Highest level support for racial profiling just elevated the chance that my brother will be shot for walking into the wrong store. Similarly my wife’s accent will mean being asked for papers and constant sessions of “special review” by TSA agents despite her being an citizen.

    Nope, Fuck “this too shall pass”. Just like electing Trump, that is only an option for those who somehow are able to believe the next administration will have endurable downsides. To be complacent is a luxury. Even if Trump is unable to accomplish anything before leaving office, his election as an unapologetic racist, idiot, and misogynist is a damning indictment of out national character.

    You want an anthem for these days? Try this:

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