The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Oval Ones In Greece

Barack Obama is the fourth American President to visit Greece. In honor of his visit to my ancestral homeland, it’s time for a photo essay. I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. I guess this qualifies as “normalcy” in the Gamaleil sense of the word.

General/President Eisenhower was the first Oval One to visit Greece in 1959. Back in those days, Greece had a royal family. The only good thing the military dictatorship did was abolish the monarchy. They were Germans anyway. Here’s Ike with King Paul:

Ike Greece

Poppy Bush was the next Oval One to make a Hellenic trip in 1991. The only picture I could find was this interior shot of Bush with then President Konstantinos Karamanlis:

Bush Greece Karamanlis

Bill Clinton paid a visit in 1999. He toured the Acropolis and saw the Parthenon, which was under restoration. Even Grand Dames need a bath from time to time:


President Obama is the latest to visit Greece. Here’s a picture of him with a typically stern looking Evzone:

Photograph via TRONC.

The first time I visited Greece was with my entire family. We spent a lot of time with our Greek relations who were actual first cousins of my father as opposed to “cousins because we’re Greek.” The cousins took us to see Stamatis Kokotas who they swore was the Greek Elvis. Why? He was known only by his last name: Kokotas. Other than the mutton chops sideburns that were fashionable at the time, I didn’t see or hear any similarity. He was more of a crooner but was still pretty darn good. I’ll give Kokotas the last word: