Pulp Fiction Thursday: Johnny Staccato

I had never heard of Johnny Staccato until I went a googling. It turns out to be one of the first examples of a book that was inspired by a teevee series. The series in question was about a shamus/jazz pianist named Johnny Staccato who was played by my countryman, John Cassavettes.

We begin in reverse order with the book.


Here’s a promo imageĀ for the show:


Here’s the series theme song:

Finally, it’s time for some serious lagniappe, the pilot episode:

One thought on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Johnny Staccato

  1. Apparently the TV series enjoyed a real vogue over in France. My very first viewing of JS was on late-night television in a French provincial hotel. It was probably the soundtrack that made it popular; I still can’t figure out why the French thought so highly of Jerry Lewis movies.

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