Tweet Of The Day: Casting Aspersions

It comes from former senior Obama adviser, Dan Pfeiffer and it’s a pip.

I wonder if anyone ever called Dan the Pied Pfeiffer…

Following up on his tweet, truer words were never spoken about the lyingest cast of characters in American history. One difference between the Trumpers and the cast of Veep: there are a few nice people on Selina Meyer’s clownishly incompetent staff. But Team Trump is just as inept albeit more ham-fisted and even nastier than Dan Egan. I don’t think Selina would hire a Hungarian Nazi sympathizer…

In other farcical Trump administration news: we learned that Jared Kushner is traveling to Iraq with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and is also Trump’s go to guy on China.  Young Jared does it all. I wonder if he’s tried ordering Gen. Dunford around. He’s a Marine. They’re not known for taking guff from callow real estate developers from Jersey.

Since I mentioned Veep, here’s a compendium of all the nicknames for the character who would fit in quite nicely on Team Trump: the Jolly Green Jerk, Jonah Ryan.

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