The Gorsuch Filibuster

I’m usually a big picture guy. I prefer not to get caught up in the emotions of the moment. It’s one of the things I respected and admired most about former President Obama. He wasn’t always right in his calculations but they were rational and reasonable. It’s why so many of us called him No Drama Obama. It was just as reassuring to have him in the White House as it is unnerving to have a 70-year-old toddler in his place.

That brings me to the Gorsuch nomination and how it should be dealt with. I have been known to be swayed in the past by arguments such as the ones posited yesterday in a NYT article. Those days, however, are long gone. I think Senate Democrats should filibuster the hell out of  Gorsuch regardless of whether it provokes the so-called nuclear option. Democrats tried being reasonable with the Garland nomination and that distinguished jurist was treated like a bum by Senate GOPers.  This is a stolen Supreme Court seat and those efforts should not be rewarded. Does anyone think they’ll respect us for being reasonable? They never have before.

Politically speaking, the Democratic base is the most engaged it has been since 2006 and 2008. In fact, it may be the most engaged it has been in my lifetime. Failure to filibuster would be deflating and perhaps even disheartening for the grass-roots activists who are energized by the egregious malakatude of the current administration*. Besides, their continued engagement is imperative if Republicans make another run at passing an even worse version of Trumpcare.

Furthermore, Gorsuch is a smug prick who declined to meet with four Democratic Senators who just happen to be women of color. One of whom, California’s Kamala Harris is a former San Francisco District Attorney and California Attorney General. That makes her a legal as well as a political superstar. She. of all people, should have been given the courtesy of a meeting with Gorsuch. I guess the Trumpers consider her, as an African-American woman, to be a two-time loser unworthy of professional courtesy. So much for Gorsuch’s gee whiz facade. He’s just another Republican asshole beneath all the gollies and goshes.

I am proud of Senator Schumer and the 40 Democratic Senators who plan to filibuster this goshdarn lousy nomination. It’s payback for Judge Garland and all the lies told by Republican Senators about what happened in 2016. It’s time to take a stand and, in a slogan used by former New Orleans Mayor Dutch Morial, keep the drive alive.

INSTANT UPDATE: Josh Marshall argues that the Supreme Court filibuster was effectively abolished in 2005. It’s another reason to stand firm on the Gorsuch nomination by golly.

3 thoughts on “The Gorsuch Filibuster

  1. I don’t advocate following the Republicans in very many things, but they sure don’t mind picking a losing fight. We point, we laugh, and we enjoy them putting one in the loss column in another losing fight to criminalize abortion or something.

    But their base loves it. They love the fight, they love the loss, they love the scrap, and they love being a victim of liberal elitists. Then they vote for the elected officials who wasted all that time and money, and return them to office, which is what politics is all about.

    I’d like to see Democrats pick a few more losing battles, if for nothing else than to show Democratic voters that they’re willing to fight for the platform and the policies. Force the Republicans to defend their cruel and heartless methods. It certainly makes me want to get out and vote at the next election, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

  2. “Gorsuch is a smug prick who…”
    You say that like it’s a bad thing.
    But seriously, character and personality are different. They probably correlate, of course, but whether he’s likable is trivial: If he’s a badguy, he needs to be fought.
    However, this fight is already lost. Those who are fighting it are pretending…
    The smug pricks.

  3. NO more “unanimous consent” in the Senate. EVERY issue, no matter how trivial, must have a vote. This requires ONE Senator.

    ALL votes in the Senate to be formal, recorded, roll-call votes. By the Constitution, this requires (at MOST) twenty Senators.

    And “motions to adjourn” are always in order.

    Shut the fuckers down.

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