Album Cover Art Wednesday: Anatomy Of A Murder

No, it’s not Pulp Fiction Thursday. It just sounds like it is. This week’s album cover was designed by Saul Bass who is best known for his distinctive movie credit work. Anatomy Of A Murder was a very daring film for 1959. It starred Jimmy Stewart as a jazz piano playing defense lawyer. The real pianist was Duke Ellington who also wrote the score. The cover is pure Saul Bass:

Here’s Duke’s cameo in the movie:

Finally, Saul Bass’ opening credits:


One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Anatomy Of A Murder

  1. The trial judge was played by Joseph N. Welch, the attorney for the Army at the hearings chaired by Sen. McCarthy. The hearings weren’t going McCarthy’s way, and he finally impugned the integrity of Welch’s associate Frederick Fisher, calling him a member of the legal arm of the Communist Party. Welch prefaced his most famous remark by saying that until that moment, he never knew how low Sen. McCarthy could go: “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?”

    A question I’d put to a certain Senate Majority Leader.

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