Friday Catblogging: Carnival Flashbag

The title isn’t a typo, it’s a pun on flashback. Another day, another pun. Oscar and his pesky kid sister belatedly discovered a Carnival throws bag that’s been sitting next to the fireplace for months. I never claimed to be a good housekeeper or to read Good Housekeeping for that matter.

The kitties are now so obsessed with the bag that Della gave me a warning hiss as I walked by the other day. Silly cat. That’s why we call her the butt-head.

One thought on “Friday Catblogging: Carnival Flashbag

  1. Hi! This is Della Street or Bag Della with Mieppie from Amsterdam. You told me Adrastos is your pen name . . . So you are a woman? You are a housekeeper, like me and that is really a difficult job. Lieve Schat! I am Dutch and read dutch and try a little bit English … I love your Catblogs . . . , in “Adrastos” . . . , were can it be? Frietje from Amsterdam in Holland near te see. Vrijdag 26 mei 2017 * *

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