Aimee Mann: Poet Laureate Of The Resistance?

Yeah, I know that’s hyperbolic but what’s a bit of hyperbole between friends. This is the age of bluster and bullshit as opposed to Paul Simon’s age of miracles and wonders, after all.

I’m, of course, referring to La Mann’s campaign season song, Can’t You Tell?, about the Insult Comedian wherein she put herself in his golf cleats and fat boy pants. I wrote about Can’t You Tell? last October. It’s just a click away.

It’s time to get to the point and this time there actually is one. Believe me. Long-time readers may recall my penchant for proposing theme songs for candidates and such like. Last spring, I suggested 10cc’s I Wanna Rule The Rule The World as the theme song for the president’s* foreign policy by tweet and tantrum. I even came up with this meme, which bears repeating:

Back to Aimee Mann. There are three of her songs that fit the surreal moment we find ourselves living through. The first could be sung directly to the Kaiser of Chaos:

The second Aimee tune comes from her presciently titled album, I’m With Stupid. You’re With Stupid Now has officially been double theme songed as I used it for Saturday Odds & Sods in 2015. 

That’s a boatload of stupid, y’all. The next Mann song is of a more recent vintage. It comes from her 2012 album Charmer. It’s called Crazytown, which is currently located at some Trump golf resort in Jersey.

Aimee Mann may or may not be the poet laureate of the resistance but she’s a helluva songwriter. Her current album is called Mental Illness. Who does that remind me of?

I guess I should re-post Can’t You Tell? The question mark is, of course, in the song but I remain a somewhat questionable person.

Vive les Maquis.