Aimee Mann’s Can’t You Tell

It occurred to me while watching Clintonpalooza from Philly that I haven’t mentioned 30 Songs, 30 Days in this space. Bad me. It was organized by writer Dave Eggers and brought together a wide variety of musicians against the Insult Comedian.

The finest song to be written for the project comes from a national treasure: Aimee Mann. Aimee burrowed into Trump’s psyche, put herself in his wingtips, and came up with a brilliant first person narrative. It’s what she does. Here’s the blurb she wrote for the 30 Songs, 30 Days web site:

I wanted to write about Trump in the first person because I think it’s more interesting to speculate on what people’s inner life might be. I had heard a theory that Trump’s interest in running for President was really kicked off at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s dinner when President Obama basically roasted him, so that’s where I started. And my own feeling was that it wasn’t really the job itself he wanted, but the thrill of running and winning, and that maybe it had all gotten out of hand and was a runaway train that he couldn’t stop.

If you haven’t read the marvelous piece about Can’t You Tell at Slate click here.

We begin with the studio version complete with lyrics:

Here’s Aimee singing Can’t You Tell live on the Late Show:

I don’t about you but I’m fired up and ready to go. Let’s make history tomorrow.

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