Branded 2017

Branded was a 1960’s teevee oater in which Chuck Connors played an army captain who was stripped of his rank for cowardice and other unmanly shit. (It had nothing to with the 67 games he played for the Dodgers and Cubs). In the case of Connors’ character Jason McCord, the “branding” was unjust.  I think the same thing should happen to Michael Flynn when he’s done ratting out his fellow Trumper rats. I’d pay to see this happen to Flynn:

2 thoughts on “Branded 2017

  1. “What do you do when you’re branded, and you know you’re a man?”

    We probably won’t see that, but Lt. Gen. Flynn can be busted to Maj. Gen., w/ a corresponding reduction in retirement pay. Not sure what the law on retirement pay for convicted felon generals is.

  2. I don’t think anything will happen to him military wise. Even when active duty, they do all kinds of shit and are protected, rarely demoted. Then they get to retire quietly. I think it’s like VA benefits. If it didn’t happen while on active duty, they don’t care.

    I used to love that show. He and his little boy, can’t remember his name.

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