Merry Flynnmas

Remember when Fridays during the holidays were slow news days? Not in 2017. The latest is a genuine blockbuster: former National Security advisor and disgraced general Michael Flynn has flipped. Talk about a guy who knows where the bodies are buried and knows the president* very well indeed. I expect Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders to describe him as a short-term acquaintance but they’ll be lying as usual.

Team Mueller has constructed their probe in a methodical fashion much like a Mafia prosecution. They’re going after the Capos right now and Flynn seems poised to lead them to the Don, er, the Donald. That makes Flynn either Tessio in The Godfather or Big Pussy in The Sopranos. I almost said Paulie Walnuts but he didn’t rat Tony out.

Self-quotation time:

The prospect of Flynn flipping day must have been one of the reasons for Trump’s manic lunacy this week. He went from his normal level of crazy to super deranged. The whole retweet spat with Prime Minister May typified the Insult Comedian’s week. Anglo-American relations are at their lowest point since the Suez crisis some 60 years ago. And that time it was Prime Minister Anthony Eden’s fault and the war of words occurred behind closed doors. We’re seeing the bizarre spectacle of a Republican president* publicly feuding with a Tory PM. Thanks, Donald.

It’s only going to get crazier. I expect a wave of crazy tweets from the president* early Sunday morning. It’s when he’s as nutty as a fruitcake and y’all know how I feel about fruitcake: I hate it *almost* as much as I hate the Insult Comedian.

My hunch is that Flynn flipped because of his son’s involvement in the Turkish dissident kidnapping conspiracy. That was some serious shit that could have led to hard time for both Flynns. It *almost* makes the obstruction of justice charges look like a walk in the park. Almost. I bet Trump is sorry that he intervened with Comey on Flynn’s behalf now. Oh, I forgot. He never makes mistakes. Whatever, dude.

Merry Flynnmas.

INSTANT UPDATE: Mustachioed Trump mouthpiece Ty Cobb has described Flynn as ” a former National Security Advisor at the White House for 25 days during the Trump Administration, and a former Obama administration official.”

When in doubt, blame Barack.