Safe Zones

For all their blather about no-go zones because of Muslims in France, and feeling attacked at home because people look sideways at their bigotry, the modern GOP has profited handsomely by dividing this country and it’s worth remembering that in the wake of the SCOTUS decision upholding the Muslim Ban and the upcoming Masterpiece Cakeshop call, which I hope but do not expect to be unfavorable to the stupid bigots defending those cretins.

You want to talk about a no-go zone? Let’s talk about the country the GOP is creating in the name of their laughably euphemistic states’ rights and religious freedom.

There are states where the Obamacare hole between Medicaid and insurance is wider, because those Republican governors made it wider, and the people there are punished. If you’re poor and sick, those states are unsafe for you. If you need public education, if you need social services, if you need a job that pays a living wage, there are states that are unsafe for you.

If a company wants to poison your water, there are towns that are unsafe for you. If you want to get married to someone of the same sex there are courthouses where you’ll be turned away. If you need birth control you never know if your doctor or pharmacist can legally refuse you. You can be made to feel unsafe anywhere.


And not for nothing but literally no one has made it unsafe to be a Christian. There is a Christmas tree on my very secular desk right now blinking red and green, my very blue city in a very blue state looks like Santa threw up on it from 35,000 feet, and if you namecheck Jesus on occasion nobody says boo. I have never been kicked out of anything for the saint’s medal I wear around my neck.

I can’t say the same for the ladies who hold one another’s hands and still look over their shoulders, or the men who wouldn’t dare give a kiss on the cheek in a grocery store.

And the reason this country is one country and not 50 different small ones is that we are all of us safe or none of us are. Dividing us up makes it easier to violate that inalienable right.